Teeth Dental Jewellery

The latest fashion craze, readymade tooth jewellery is available to everyone.

Tooth jewellery is much in demand these days in cosmetic dentistry. Most people are making this style statement not only to surprise friends with a sparkling smile, but also to add some zing in life.

Great look; Healthy Teeth

Dental jewellry does not harm your teeth. The jewellery is applied to teeth in the same way as orthodontic brackets – a procedure which has been around for a long time. Your teeth do not have to be cut or drilled.

Procedure First your dentist will carefully clean a small spot on your tooth to make sure that the surface is clean and dry. Then, they will apply a special fluid to this spot in order to microscopically roughen the tooth surface.

This enables the adhesive to stick properly.
Next, your dentist will place the stone on your tooth and dry the adhesive with blue light.

In some cases, small amounts of adhesive residue may have to be removed, but this procedure – like the rest of the treatment – is painless.

If in the future you no longer want the tooth jewellery, your dentist can easily remove it.

It’s temporary, non-invasive and painless

The stone is set with a primer and a small quantity of adhesive and is placed and aligned within 20 seconds with no drilling or pain. The gems can stay in place from three months to up to three years and can be easily removed at any time by a dentist.